Sunday, June 7, 2015

Aperativo at Sunset

Guest Blogger: Michael Mammele

The Relais Blue is a four-star hotel on the coast of Sorrento, with a breathtaking view of Capri, Ischia, and the Bay of Naples. Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to dine there for an aperitivo- An aperitivo consisting of appetizers, drinks, and an out of this world sunset.

We sat on a large terrace with rows of white rattan arm-chairs with small tables in front of them. Our view was impeccable, accentuated by an infinity effect because there were no railings in front of us, just glass. We felt so close to the water, yet we could see far out beyond Sorrento and towards the sun.

I was blown away immediately. I struggled for fifteen minutes to take a half-decent panoramic picture, something I can never quite seem to master, yet no matter how badly I botched them, the pictures were stunning.

We each ordered an aperol spritz with oranges, and started with some fried calamari and burger sliders. Next came two small pasta dishes-one with zucchini and the other linguine with carbonara sauce. Upon learning that carbonara sauce was just eggs, melted Parmesan cheese, and bits of bacon, I became excited to try and make this at home, because even a simpleton like myself should be able to manage to do so.

Watching the sunset is something that I don't do enough of, and I’m convinced that on this night, we had to have had one of the best views in all of the world, it was truly that amazing. The descending sun painted the sky with an unreal peach color. Cruise ships and small sport boats all slowed down to take in the view. To the hotel employees, I’m sure it was nothing new, but to myself and the other guests, it was a sight that no picture or world-renowned artist could quite capture.

The view, the company, and the food were easily 5 out of 5 stars. Stevie Wonder played softly in the background, allowing for a calm and tranquil vibe, as all the guests looked out into the abyss. No matter where each of us came from, we were all in awe of the view.

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